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Datto, Datto


In Japanese, Datsun is pronounced “dattosan”. “Datto datto” expresses the  sound and motion of a hare running swiftly through the grass. Sort of pun or play on words. In the 1930’s Datsuns featured leaping rabbit hood ornaments. Source image:

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Tokyo Nissan New Car Maintenance Completion

A recreation of Tokyo Nissan’s window sticker. Source image:

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Tokyo Nissan


Re-creation of Tokyo Nissan’s dealer sticker. Source photo:

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1964 Tokyo Olympics Datsun Grille Badge


A re-creation of a very cool grille badge made from fuzzy pictures.

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“Nice MG!” Datsun roadster owners have heard this old chestnut before. That and how their pride and joy is a copy of an MGB. Not quite, the Datsun Fairlady Roadster predates the MGB – debuting at the New York International … Continue reading

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