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The Italian Tune-Up

There are a lot of rules of thumb, superstitions and rituals in the car guy world (cue Stevie Wonder). A lot of things are done because that is the way they have been done or should be done. I’m sure … Continue reading

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The Matchbox Europa

Like most car guys, I had a huge collection of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars – a plastic tub full. Some of those little cars are probably still buried in any of a half-dozen sandboxes between New Mexico and North … Continue reading

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The Rat

This story goes all the way back to July, 2003. I found a couple of roadsters parked in a yard full of junk in an industrial area of Seattle. One of the cars had been pushed out in the street … Continue reading

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The Blue Car

Oh, yes, the proverbial flying brick. Most car guys I know have owned at least one at some point in their lives. For an all-around parts chaser there really isn’t anything better. They feature a large enclosed cargo area, simple … Continue reading

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Friends don’t let friends miss opportunities


All car guys have special friends who can help them rationalize a completely insane car purchase regardless of how impractical the terms or timing of the purchase might be. Without them, you’ll spend your life behind the wheel of a … Continue reading

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