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Meet SRL311-00139. Yes, 1967-1/2 Datsun 2000 number 139 – for those that aren’t familiar – the holy grail of Datsun roadsters. For half a year and about 700 cars, Nissan made a mash-up of the early and late roadsters. The … Continue reading

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The Italian Tune-Up

There are a lot of rules of thumb, superstitions and rituals in the car guy world (cue Stevie Wonder). A lot of things are done because that is the way they have been done or should be done. I’m sure … Continue reading

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The Matchbox Europa

Like most car guys, I had a huge collection of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars – a plastic tub full. Some of those little cars are probably still buried in any of a half-dozen sandboxes between New Mexico and North … Continue reading

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The Rat

This story goes all the way back to July, 2003. I found a couple of roadsters parked in a yard full of junk in an industrial area of Seattle. One of the cars had been pushed out in the street … Continue reading

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The Blue Car

Oh, yes, the proverbial flying brick. Most car guys I know have owned at least one at some point in their lives. For an all-around parts chaser there really isn’t anything better. They feature a large enclosed cargo area, simple … Continue reading

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Friends don’t let friends miss opportunities


All car guys have special friends who can help them rationalize a completely insane car purchase regardless of how impractical the terms or timing of the purchase might be. Without them, you’ll spend your life behind the wheel of a … Continue reading

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Welcome to…

…! I started this site as an online portfolio for my work as an Art Director in 1998, and soon hidden directories filled up with images and text describing my various automotive restoration projects. Eventually I moved the front end … Continue reading

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