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My ’93 “C-package” Miata on the road into “Twin Peaks” near Snoqualmie, WA


I started this site as an online portfolio for my work as an Art Director in 1998, and soon hidden directories filled up with images and text describing my various automotive restoration projects.

Eventually I moved the front end to leighbrooks.com and hand-coded a site to document my ’68 Datsun 1600 and ’69 Datsun 2000 projects (don’t worry Pete! all that stuff is still here at www.shiftco.com/features). I still get lots of traffic to those pages from other Datsun Roadster fanatics looking for step-by-step pictorials.

The Rat - a '68 Datsun 1600 that followed me home

I had resisted “blogging”, but my wife would always say “There’s your blog topic for today.” whenever I would go off on some car-related tangent, so here we are! The idea is to document more projects and open the site up to other material of interest for the truly car-obsessed. I have invited a few friends along for the ride – hope you enjoy it!

Zippy - my '69 Datsun 2000

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